Unos P’nches Tacos is more than just a taco company.  Serving up the most authentic in mexican food, we offer home made recipes with quality products.  Our delicious breakfast tacos are made to order and everything in our kitchen is homemade.  When other restaurants buy barbacoa and resell it in their restaurant because its the easy thing to do we refuse to cut any corners.  Everything is homemade and dine in customers are treated with a trio of salsas served with warm chips.   Providing our customers with the best in quality and always serving fresh products is our mission.  No other restaurant in Texas will taste the same as our food, our recipes stem from handed down family recipes crossing generation after generation from the great gastronomy state of Oaxaca  and Mexico City.  Bring out your family to dine in or carry out whatever fits your needs but don’t miss out on our delicious menu options.  You will never get this experience from food anywhere else.  Come out and discover this hidden jewel in Houston.